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Student Code of Conduct

About the Code of Conduct

Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has developed and annually updates the Uniform Code of Student Conduct to provide students, parents, and staff with a clear outline of students’ rights and behavioral expectations. These expectations, along with the District’s Vision, Mission and Goals, will help us continue to provide the highest quality education possible.

The purpose of the Uniform Code of Conduct is to establish a standard of conduct for the Scottsdale Unified School District which will provide the best possible educational climate for the students, faculty, staff, and general public; encourage participation in the educational process by the general public; assure the safety of the students and staff; protect school district property; and honor and protect the rights of all individuals within the school community.

2023-2024 SUSD Uniform Code of Conduct (English)

2023-2024 SUSD Uniform Code of Conduct (Spanish)

SUSD Artificial Intelligence Guidelines

Parent & Guardian Opt Out Form

Parents and Guardians are asked to reaffirm their commitment to these policies and agreements at the beginning of each new school year.  This can be done electronically through your SUSD ParentVUE account or by printing the form linked below, filling it out by hand and turning it in to your student’s school front office. 

Release Acknowledgment Form (English)
Release Acknowledgment Form (Spanish)

The purpose of this form is to: 

  1. Provide parents and guardians with an opportunity to opt out of portions of the Code of Conduct. 
  2. To affirm acknowledgment of the Code of Conduct
  3. To inform parents of the COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgment and Disclosure
  4. To inform parents of the FastBridge/SAEBRS (Social, Academic and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) for K-12 students

If SUSD does not receive this completed form, either digitally through ParentVUE or on paper, within fourteen (14) calendar days of the start of the new school year, SUSD will assume you consent to the release of the categories of information contained in this form.­­­

SUSD Artificial Intelligence Guidelines

In a future-focused school district, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize various aspects of education. You can learn about SUSD's Artificial Intelligence Guidelines here.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level. You can learn about Digital Citizenship by visiting