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Our School

Ingleside Middle School provides a comprehensive gifted program, catering to the needs of academically advanced students. This program includes specialized curriculum and resources to challenge and support gifted learners. Ingleside Middle School boasts a robust garden, creating an environment for hands-on learning. 

This initiative aligns with a focus on experiential education, allowing students to engage with academics through practical, real-world experiences.

Middle School Sports: The school offers middle school sports, providing students with opportunities for physical activity, teamwork, and skill development. Participation in sports can contribute to a well-rounded education and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Individualized Support: There is an emphasis on meeting individual needs, suggesting a commitment to personalized learning. Tailoring education to each student's requirements can enhance overall academic success and well-being.

Culture of Safety and Support: The school promotes a culture of safety and support, creating an environment where students feel secure and encouraged to thrive. A positive school culture is crucial for both academic and social-emotional development.

Wide Array of Electives: The availability of a diverse selection of electives provides students with choices beyond core subjects. This allows them to explore various interests and talents, fostering a more well-rounded educational experience.

Our Campus

Ingleside Middle Schools is located in the heart of the Arcadia community. 

Our campus is nestled in one of the most beautiful areas in the valley.  With mature trees abound and priceless views of Camelback Mountain, our learning environment is positioned in an idyllic setting.  When you walk on campus you’ll notice our facilities are clean and beautiful.  We have four major buildings that create a perimeter around our courtyard.  This area includes areas where our students eat, learn and play.  It also includes one of the major attractions on our campus, our garden and amphitheater.  

Visitors & Volunteers

Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.  

5402 E. Osborn Road
Phoenix, AZ. 85018

Principal: Dr. Junior Michael
Assistant Principal: Patricia Mastropolo

Phone: 480-484-4900
Fax: 480-484-4901

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
School Hours: 7:45 am - 2:20 pm 

Grades: 6th - 8th 
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Mascot: Trojan
Year Opened: 1956   
Rebuilt: Fall 2013